Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night, I went to a couple of workshops at the Kabbalah Center in Manhattan. I picked up quite a number of good lessons regarding how I can embrace the Light. I will be more than happy to share these lessons with you. The parashat, or passage taught was known as Lech-Lecha. This literally translated means, "To go out for yourself." In the Zohar study, we were educated on the story of Avram (later to be called Avraham) and the denouncement of his father's idol worship. In an act of rebellion and righteousness, he destroyed all but one of his father's idols and placed a staff in the hands of one of these idols. When questioned on the destruction of these idols, Avram claimed that one idol destroyed all the others and that it must have been true, since his father placed so much faith in the idols. This story, combined with many others, made for a very interesting night at the Kabbalah Center.

Another theme of the night involved busting through the barriers of self-imposed limitations. If one opens himself or herself up to the Light, the Light will connect. However, the Light will not do all of the work for you. Zohar encourages people to step outside of their comfort zone and to explore new territory in life, encouraging those embarking on a spiritual journey to not only think outside the box, but more importantly, to travel outside of it as well. The only way to evolve is to embark upon a journey that will allow you to eradicate the negativity we all possess and embrace the Light by actively making changes and not copping out regarding blind acceptance to your excuses and your insecurities.

I leave you with these questions. How can you incorporate Lech-Lecha into your life? Also ask yourself what you will do differently this week to escape your comfort zone and evolve into the Light. The choice is yours.

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