Thursday, October 27, 2011

Animal spirits

Many people have totem animals that they identify with. There are various traits that an animal possesses that can be identified with humans. In this case, mine is a falcon. Falcons are known for being quick, protective, and intuitive. My mother identifies with the camel, which is known for resourcefulness and surviving in harsh situations. My father relates to the mole, since he is introverted and keeps to himself, all the while sensitive to light and dark.

A good friend of mine and fellow poet, Jackie Cassen, passed away last year. A medium told me that I should look out for the image of a peacock, since this was her sign to me and most likely her animal spirit. Peacocks represent immortality, beauty, and psychic powers.

Some people take on the traits of multiple animals. One friend of mine is a panther/firefly/skylark. This is quite a variety. I myself, as well as falcons, also relate to owls. In order to find out what your animal spirit is, there are certain meditations that can be done. During your visualizations, stay aware of your surroundings and you will get closer to which animal you relate to.

Another route is to take this quiz. It immediately recognized me as an owl, so that's pretty accurate.

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