Thursday, September 29, 2011

The revolution will be in real time

If you are in the NYC area and plan to occupy Wall Street, make sure you have the phone number for the National Lawyer's Guild. Call 212-679-5100 if you find yourself in a position where you will be arrested for demonstrating. Write it. Wear it. Tattoo it if you choose.

I stand in solidarity with all the protesters demonstrating on Wall Street as we speak. Politicians have been putting profits before people for ages. However, I am overwrought with joy that the frustration is finally reaching a fever pitch. What is shameful is that the NYPD officers are taking as many liberties as possible to end this protest, even by bellicose procedures against otherwise peaceful demonstrators. We've had enough, America. We are tired of the corporate power structure taking precedence over the legitimate needs of the people. I have been waiting for this type of revolution to take place for some time now. We can not afford to have spineless jellyfish or vindictive sharks left in charge of what has become the paradigm of greed. We as a nation have become an easily influenced group of sheeple who have blindly roamed with the flock as we get herded to the slaughterhouse. All the while, the media outlets like the Faux News Cabal are programming us with the propaganda that the only way to shape this nation is for you to say no to everything like you are toddlers refusing to take a nap. Somehow, the political careers of Tea Party Republicans are more important than actually trying to take us out of this economic catastrophe. I have been on Facebook for a countless amount of time over the past week. People have been sharing photographs of Occupy Wall Street, displaying how peaceful the protesters are, as well as how much belligerence the New World Vultures possess. Liberate your minds, people! If you have a single brain cell that will allow you to think critically and think for yourself, by all means use it. We are mad as Hell, and we're not gonna take this anymore! The foolishness on Capitol Hill has gone entirely too far. I encourage you to act. It doesn't pay to lean left. It doesn't pay to lean right. Stand on your own two feet and move forward and smash this infrastructure that is holding us all back from pursuing the happiness we rightfully deserve. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!

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  1. The revolution will not be televised ... it will be on YouTube!!!

    Great entry, thanks, Jack!