Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tarot primer (part two)

The Major Arcana is comprised of 22 cards. These are cards that represent archetypes in our lives. These are derived from Kabbalah, which is traditionally Jewish mysticism. The number 22 represents the paths/branches of the Tree of Life, which is denoted by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Rather than explain what every card means in depth (this is a primer after all), I will submit to you a poem I wrote that represents all 22 cards in the Major Arcana.


I am the fool,

for I am leaping into a new journey.

I am the magician,

for I work with all I possess.

I am the high priestess,

for I am guided by my third eye.

I am the empress,

for I seek love.

I am the emperor,

for I seek self-empowerment.

I am the hierophant,

for I have been to hell and back.

I am the lovers,

for I have learned to love many aspects of myself.

I am the chariot,

for I always push ahead.

I am justice,

for I am one that can be served fairly.

I am the hermit,

for I need to be alone with my thoughts sometimes.

I am the wheel of fortune,

for I revolve in my personal luck daily.

I am strength,

for I have exhibited fortitude in diverse ways.

I am the hanged man,

for I need to sacrifice that which will not serve me.

I am death,

for I need to transition between phases of life.

I am temperance,

for I sometimes moderate with the times.

I am the devil,

for I laugh and indulge.

I am the tower,

for I have been leveled and rebuilt.

I am the star,

for I deserve to shine,

I am the moon,

for I cycle through phases as I am predisposed to do.

I am the sun,

for I aim to exude happiness.

I am judgment,

for I think carefully.

I am the world,

for I have many possibilities.

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