Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forever 27

Brazen the riffs, orgasmic the wails

Forever, the legacy never will pale

Gravel in trachea, power in throat

Rapture in soulfulness, staying afloat

Poetry set to a keyboard, melodic

Lifestyles extreme, lustfully psychotic

Addicted to fame, despised in same breath

Never foreseeing the imminent death

Stints in the clink or the rehab facility

Always fell flat from your soulful ability

Forward the motion of all things immortal

Somehow the bodies entered death's portal

Squeal to me, guitar, deliver my faith

Cut through my heart with the edge of a lathe

Impart in me voodoo, stick me with pins

Rock will absolve me of all of my sins

Sly as a fox are your fingers to strings

Angels of melody, please spread your wings

Light up the joint and pass me the herb

Spare me the dregs of the wrathful reverb

Play my heartstrings like they are a sitar

Pass through the valves, arouse from afar

Free my demeanor, loosen my stride

Rock will forever be my faithful bride

Prolong the summer, cushion my fall

Winter will spring when the wild beats will call

Light all the candles, illuminate eyes

Play in the smoke and remove your disguise

Ride through horizons into setting suns

Eliminate mimics of firing guns

Sell the belongings you can sacrifice

You will no longer submit to your vice

Abort the pretenses of jaded egos

This music will take away most of your woes

Strengthen the spirit, teenagers at heart

This is the message I want to impart

Go find the impetus to rehabilitate

Travel on trains, your power is the freight

You were born to innately make Earth good

The truth will unravel like paper from wood

Out of the darkness, negativity dies

Into the brightness, identities lie

Forever 27, you will be remembered

Playing in heaven, tears are dismembered

Engendered are memories laden with vinyl

Tender the soul, music is not final

Live on, musicians, continue to thrive

Your art was created to build its own life

The world was your oyster, the spotlight you owned

Forever you sit on rock royalty's throne.

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