Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Post

Hello world!  The Lunar Safari has moved to Blogger.  Unfortunately, due to certain unforeseen circumstances, I no longer can access the ins and outs of  This is due to my account expiring and my tech guy croaking.  RIP Frank.  Therefore, it is much easier for me to join the blogosphere at this point.  Bear with me as I learn the ways of Blogger and I will give a comprehensive list of my services. 

I am a spiritual healer and advisor. I have studied the craft of reading Tarot cards under the guidance of Donna Henes, also known as Mama Donna, the Urban Shaman. I have also studied the Usui tradition of Reiki and am currently a Level 3 Reiki Master. I also lead guided meditations, write prayers, and clean chakras. Through my expertise in these fields, I have had a number of satisfied customers.

“Baz Roche does the ultimate in tarot-card readings. I just had my own, and it was a life-changing event. He is now doing readings. Please reach him. You won’t regret it.”
Kimberly B.
Portland, OR

“Hey Baz, that was a good reading you gave me. I will have to come back for another soon.”
Lorens M.
Brooklyn, NY

“Baz has my endorsement!”
Nicole S.
Staten Island, NY

“You are amazing. Tell everyone I said that.”
Maya N.
Nyack, NY

“Thank you for your time and patience with me :) I enjoyed our time together.”
Sara G.
Brooklyn, NY

“I loved it! Thanks Baz!”
Suzanne M.
Calgary,AB, Canada

“Good conversing with you, Baz. Very sweet guy…Call him!”
Sharon S.
Albuquerque, NM

“Send him a message, he's really good at it! It came out pretty awesome! I feel a good vibe, like things are pretty much where they need to be right now.”
Amanda H.
Staten Island, NY


  1. Hi Baz, Edie here! I joined Blogger a while ago, you'll like it here. Mind if I follow you?